Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Requirements

Risk assessment is the first step in building an effective workplace violence prevention program and is a requirement under Ontario's Bill 168. Employers need to assess the risks of workplace violence related to:

  • the nature of the workplace - physical aspects: i.e. lighting, sightlines, barriers
  • the type of work - work activities, nature of workplace interactions, work sector
  • the conditions of work - hours worked, surrounding neighbourhood
  • circumstances specific to the workplace - existing risk controls, incident history
  • circumstances common in similar workplaces - shared workplace violence risks

Risk Assessment Methodology

A single, widely-accepted workplace violence risk assessment methodology does not exist. The four-step David Hyde & Associates methodology is based on national risk assessment standards developed by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, and provincial guidelines endorsed by Ontario's Ministry of Labour.

Our industry-leading Risk Assessment Model has four distinct phases:

  • Identify hazards related to specific work functions, activities, and locations
  • Assess physical premises and existing workplace violence policies and program
  • Analyze risk factors and identify high-risk functions, locations and activities
  • Develop prioritized mitigation steps to reduce the risk of workplace violence
Bill 168 Assessments

Our Results

We bring a holistic approach to workplace violence risk assessment, integrating security and risk concepts within the context of health and safety regulation requirements. Our approach builds on existing good practice, enhances legal compliance and enables clients to demonstrate strong organizational governance of workplace safety risks.