Workplace Violence Policy and Program Development

Policy and Program Requirements

The cornerstone of any workplace violence program is an effective policy framework. The policy shows the employer's commitment to protect workers from violence, address violence from all possible sources, and identify the roles and responsibilities of all workplace parties. The Program should be designed to effectively operationalize the Workplace Violence Policy and address the risks specific to the workplace.

The Program should include measures and procedures that identify how the employer will:

  • control the risks identified in the assessment - i.e. Safe Work Procedures
  • enable workers to summon immediate assistance - i.e. phone, two-way radio
  • enable workers to report incidents - i.e. report forms, reporting triggers
  • investigate and deal with incidents or complaints - i.e. investigative process

Policy and Program Assessment

David Hyde & Associates supports clients in developing or updating policies, as well as optimizing workplace violence and harassment programs. We can help to develop preventive measures such as improvements in workplace design, security controls and work practices.

Our Approach

The approach taken by David Hyde & Associates to assess and develop workplace violence programs delivers scalable, cost effective solutions to our clients. We apply national standards as well as aligning with the laws in place within the client's jurisdiction.

We focus on the four recognized sources of workplace violence:

  • Type I - External perpetrator
  • Type II - Client / Customer
  • Type III - Employee-to-employee
  • Type IV - Personal relationship
Bill 168 Policy & Program

Our Results

Our team has conducted Bill 168 compliance reviews and workplace violence audits for major corporations across multiple industry sectors. Our proven violence prevention solutions enhance workplace safety and optimize employee productivity.