Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Workplace Violence Training Requirements

If you are an Ontario company employing more than 5 people, you are required – under Bill 168 – to provide all of your employees with relevant information and instruction on the content of your workplace violence and workplace harassment prevention policies and program.

Customized Training Program

At David Hyde & Associates, we have developed a 2-hour Workplace Violence Awareness Course for employees which is fully customizable to the specific needs of your organization. We’ll seamlessly insert information about your organization’s particular policies and procedures into a course outline which is designed to provide your employees with awareness of:

  • The nature and extent of the problem of workplace violence
  • Employers’ responsibilities and employees’ rights under Bill 168
  • The importance of reporting incidents of violence or harassment
  • Steps that employees can take to keep themselves safe
  • How to respond appropriately to confrontation and violence
Bill 168 Policy & Program

Our Approach

We believe that in the area of workplace violence and workplace harassment prevention, there is more to training than just the transfer of knowledge. Effective workplace violence and harassment training invites employees to share in their employer’s commitment to creating a safe workplace for all. We believe that this kind of learning happens best when a real-live instructor engages a group of learners in a face-to-face, real-time setting. Our trainers can deliver the training you need, or train your managers to deliver it effectively themselves.

Employees who have received effective workplace violence and harassment prevention training can work more productively, with confidence that workplace violence and workplace harassment are not tolerated and that reported incidents of inappropriate behaviour will be thoroughly investigated and decisively acted upon.