Corporate Crisis Management

The case for effective crisis management has never been stronger. In the past, many organizations resisted the call to prepare for emergency and crisis believing that, "It'll never happen here!" or "it can't happen to us!" Unfortunately some of these very same organizations are no longer in business.

Research studies show that ineffective crisis management can severely damage an organization's reputation and operational capability. Being prepared to handle disruptive events has become an essential ingredient of business success in the 21st century.

    Findings from recent research show that:
  • Mishandled crisis management seriously damages short- and mid-term business performance
  • Insurance alone is inadequate to protect business value and reputation in a crisis
  • Successful crisis management is a direct function of managerial ability
  • Crises are an opportunity for companies to build substantial brand reputation

At David Hyde & Associates, our senior consultants have not only developed crisis management plans, but have managed major crisis incidents. Along with our experience, we have the capabilities and tools to mitigate the risks of business disruption to the clients we represent across many different industry sectors.

Some of our crisis management services include:

ImageCrisis Management Plan Development
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Development of Crisis Management Plans
  • Training of Crisis Management Team
ImageCrisis Communication Plan Development
  • Crisis Communication Needs Analysis
  • Development of Crisis Communication Plans
  • Management Team Crisis Drills & Exercises
ImageLabour Dispute Contingency Plans
  • Strategic Review of Labour-Related Risks
  • Strike/Lockout Policy & Plan Development
  • Ongoing Labour Dispute Counsel & Support
ImageCrisis Response Services
  • Incident Management Plans
  • Crisis Response Planning & Training
  • Real-Time Crisis Response Support
ImagePandemic Planning Services
  • Pandemic Preparedness & Response Plans
ImageLegal & Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Bill C-45 and 'Duty of Care' Assessments
ImageTravel Safety & Security Services
  • Business Travel Risk Assessments
  • Development of Safe Travel Policies/Plans
  • Travel Safety & Security Briefings/Training