Emergency Preparedness

Doing business in the 21st century exposes organizations to a widening range of business and operational risks. In the face of mounting examples of disruptive events, emergency preparedness and response have become key contributors to business performance, continuity of operations, and brand integrity.

At David Hyde & Associates we offer a range of advisory services designed to optimize emergency management programs. Our team has experience in evaluating and developing emergency response plans, as well as conducting emergency preparedness and business continuity planning. We also prepare and deliver simulated emergency training to enable our clients to seamlessly address potential business disruption.

We focus on three key issues entering into all emergency management projects:

  • The Business Objective - we gain a clear idea of what the client needs to protect; its' tangible and intangible assets, operational footprint, human capital needs, and critical business functions.
  • The Risk Profile - we focus on clients' legal and regulatory requirements, sector- and industry-specific risks, malevolent threats, and natural/accidental hazards.
  • The Required Results - our emergency management services deliver results and enable clients to manage risk in a cost effective manner proportionate to their overall risk exposure.

Some of our emergency management services include:

ImageEmergency Preparedness
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis (H.I.R.A)
  • Assessment & Testing of Emergency Plans
  • Emergency Response Team Preparation
  • Mutual Aid & Interdependency Planning
ImageEmergency Response Plan Development
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans
  • Emergency Response Drills & Exercises
  • Evacuation, Shelter-in-Place & Lockdown Plans
  • Bomb Threat / Active Shooter Planning
ImageBusiness Continuity Program Design
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Development of Business Continuity Plans
  • Recovery Time Analysis
ImageDisaster Recovery Program Design
  • Development of Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Secondary Work Site Assessment
ImageLegal & Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Fire Code & Building Code Compliance Audit
ImageFire Safety Plan Development
  • Creation or Updating of Fire Safety Plans