Training and Professional Development

In a service business, it's all about the people you have working for you. If they are equipped with the right knowledge, the right skills, and the right attitudes, your people can - and will - do great things for your organization, and they’ll do them every day.


Training isn’t an expense; it's an investment. It pays you back three times over.
It pays you:

  1. In the way that it equips your people to do their jobs better.
  2. In the way that it communicates to your people that you value them.
  3. In the way that it evidences to others - your clients, the public, the regulators you must satisfy, the courts that you hope never to face - that you are committed to doing things the right way.

At David Hyde & Associates, we are a partner you can trust to help train and develop your people. Our training associates combine their backgrounds in operational security, human resource management, law, risk management, and adult education with thousands of hours of experience in classroom instruction and professional presenting.

We know our subject matter and we know how to share our knowledge and experience with others. More importantly, though, we know how critical training is to what you do. You don’t mind spending the money, but you need to get value for what you spend. You’ll get that from us.

Some of our security training and development services include:

ImageSecurity Supervisor Training
  • Supervisory Skills for Security Supervisors (40 hr)
  • Legal issues for Security Supervisors (3+ hr each)
  • Property law, powers of arrest, OH&S law
ImageOntario PSISA Training
  • Basic Security Guard Training (40 hr)
  • Security Guard Challenge Test Prep (8 hr)
  • PSISA Compliance for Supervisors (4 hr)
ImageSecurity Instructor Training
  • Instructional Skills for Supervisors (40 hr)
  • In-House Training Program Administration (8 hr)
ImageBill 168 / Workplace Violence Training
  • Awareness for Front-line Workers (2 hr)
  • Supervisors & JH&SC Members Course (4 hr)
  • Train-the-Trainer Course (8 hr)
ImageSecurity Officer Training
  • Use of Force / Defensive Tactics (40 hr)
  • Legal Authorities Refresher (8 hr)
  • Note-taking & Report-writing Refresher
  • Customized Front-Line Security Training
ImageSecurity Management Development
  • Security Hiring, On-boarding & Mentoring
  • Security Executive Search & HR Support
  • Professional Development Services