Why Do Clients Choose Us?

Clients come to us when they need the most reliable business perspectives on security and risk; when they are faced with new or unfamiliar risk exposures; when they want assurance that their current or anticipated security posture is appropriate; and when well-informed guidance and decisive action is needed in the face of crisis.

We stand apart within our industry in several key ways:


Real-world perspective
We understand today's harsh business realities. Our associates have held senior leadership roles within major corporations; led complex operations; built industry-leading teams; managed budgets; and responded to those 3:00 am crises!

Standards-based approach
We have an in-depth grasp of legal standards and recognized industry practices - our legally defensible solutions safeguard our clients' reputations and assets.

Adaptive thinking
We aren't afraid to adopt a fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking to challenge old assumptions, proposing new ways to look at nagging problems.

Accountability always
We provide senior level involvement throughout our consulting engagements - our principal and senior-level consultants remain actively involved in all projects.

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