Our Project Management Experience

The David Hyde & Associates value proposition goes beyond its deep talent pool to include an unrivalled ability to manage security projects. Members of our consultancy and training team have held senior roles on the ‘client-side’ within their respective business sectors and industries. They have experienced first-hand the many frustrations that often accompany the use of outside consultants.

Some common problems experienced with security consultants can include:


Strategic misalignment - Poor understanding of the client’s business and operational objectives.

Non-standard approach - Subjective approach based on "experience" rather than objective standards.

Scope creep - Scope of work is poorly defined and/or not followed.

Budget creep - Unreliable pricing is provided and/or additional billings are levied.

At David Hyde & Associates we have applied these "hard lessons learned" to come up with a structured process to support each new project from procurement to completion. Our innovative business process allows us to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ success drivers and ensures we deliver solutions that improve overall business performance.

The steps in our Project Management Model include: