Our Focus on Resource and Cost Optimization

At David Hyde & Associate we understand the realities of business today. In many cases, having to be more bottom-line focused has caused organizations to look for new ways to manage cost growth. Rather than viewing this business reality as a challenge we view it as an opportunity to think creatively about optimization.

We take steps to ensure that our consulting solutions:


Maximize existing security resources and costs
Our optimization strategies ensure that our clients' security program resources are aligned, integrated and delivering maximum return on investment. We are frequently able to achieve significant security and safety improvements for clients without increasing resource or cost allocation.

Optimize new security measures and risk controls
Before recommending new security measures we ensure they are risk-proportionate, cost-commensurate and able to be supported operationally by the client.

David Hyde & Associates has developed an Optimization Model with associated guidelines and tools. The Model allows us to identify opportunities to optimize existing resource allocation for clients and maximize the value derived from the risk control solutions we propose.

The steps in our Optimization Model include: